Paroles N.B.K. de Aphses

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  • Artiste: Aphses44593
  • Chanson: N.B.K.
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Textes et Paroles de N.B.K.

Sadistic noise
lunatic face of pain
morbid thoughts
penetration of the evil
children with natural hate
born every day
all us like the serpent
was over earth
slaughter house
human decease was the
evil thoughts
toxic fire run in my veins
like the excrement comes
killer instincts
destruction going to be
the destiny
of the human race
nobody deserve to live
blade of death
shake the souls
wreck our bones
bloody stem of hate
comes all the time
like childbirth
misery infect my home
corrosion of my soul
in the streets of death
narcotic sperms
deposit in the women
reborn of the serpent
return of dark side
n.b.k. we are
hate is on my soul

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