Paroles Rivers Of Death de Aphses

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  • Artiste: Aphses44593
  • Chanson: Rivers Of Death
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Textes et Paroles de Rivers Of Death

Nuclear mind war
emptiness is the sky
corrosion of the faith
by the toxic waste
world with dry sky
extintion of the animals
where the feelings
of death are present
miles of the land
with poor sky
torture of the souls
around this world
the ruins of pain
government for murder
not to save
justice is lost
laws of death
born to dearth
not survive !!!
repulsive world
obscene thoughts
is this chaotic
slaughter house
destruction, annihilate, mutilate
mechanical way of life
make this human machine
fear is on my own
horror, terror, homicide
the silence of the desert
make my flesh so cold
the oceans are red
the crayin of this earth!!

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