Paroles Venoclisis de Aphses

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  • Artiste: Aphses44593
  • Chanson: Venoclisis
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Textes et Paroles de Venoclisis

Drugs in your veins
lacerating your mind
turn your soul dead
run free in your mind
blood is not to live
just to die
love to hate
lacerating your mind
with toxic thoughts
jump in this earth
travel with scare
the elastic time
create the agony
all in your veins
the mysteries of the flesh
run in your brain
the drugs of this world
conform all you state
materialism it's all
what I see
in this blood of death
putrefact blood
by the toxic torrent
the humans just to enjoy
the drugs of this world
miserys of this age
is sing of evil
and running in your veins
direct shock to produce
in all my earth
antibiotics must be dead
in the fight for this life
nothing is to live
everything just to die
the hope it's only
in our minds
pain and hate
produced all my state
myserys of this age
running free in my veins
direct shock just to produce
like virus in my flesh
screaming like dead souls

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