Paroles Deathblow de Apocalyptic Vision

Apocalyptic Vision
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  • Artiste: Apocalyptic Vision32245
  • Chanson: Deathblow
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Textes et Paroles de Deathblow

Strategic assault designed corruption
Crippling invasion
Forced in position unleashed aggression
Final solution
Deathblow delivered reduced to cinders
Zero survivors
Viral gestation elimination
Fed into grinders
Show enemy no mercy
Demonstrate superiority
Just as it always has been
We posses no compassion
Your kind collapse beneath us
Betrayed by your own weakness
Upon your graves our kingdom
Apocalyptic visions
Empty the arsenals of mass destruction
No moment spared to allow your surrender
Slaughter the billions in chambers of fire
Bury their dead in one single grave nameless
Humans die suicide
Humans die suicide
Humans die suicide
Humans die suicide

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