Paroles P.S. de April Smith

April Smith
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  • Chanson: P.S.
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Textes et Paroles de P.S.

Oh my love
wildflower precious dove
where have you flown
how could you leave me all alone

i miss you for heaven's sake
but i will find you no matter how long it takes

oh my love oh my love
come back to me
because you belong to me

oh my dear
the things i'd do just to hold you near
you were my one possession
but i think it kind of turned into an obsession

i want you to know
that i love you still
but if i can't have you then i guarantee no one will

oh my love oh my love
come back to me
because you belong to me
and i never set you free

no matter where you hide away
you know i'm gonna find you some day
and then i'm gonna make you pay
because this time we're doing things my way

oh baby i think maybe i've gone crazy
do i love you do i hate you
do i find you and mutilate you
this is a sick mind
are you scared of what you will find

well you should be because if i were you
i would be scared too

oh my love oh my love
come back to me
oh my love

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