Paroles Jackal de Arakain

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  • Artiste: Arakain44928
  • Chanson: Jackal
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Textes et Paroles de Jackal

We say it's normal
watching blood from the screen
we say it's normal
murder as a part of our life
On hired killer
no dirt left on your hands
on hired killer
death without scruples about

Maybe that one of you
could be the next jackal

Dispatched opponent method
of politicsf dispatched opponent
sometime's the way we regard
Why don't you listen
rulers are killing truth
why don't you listen
it's time to fight for your rights

All we know depth
of the torment waste
of honour and lake
of the law
What was shown before
this moment means
the world stays
always so raw

We say it's normal ...

Dispatched opponent ...

Maybe that one of us
could be the next jackal

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