Paroles Thrash The Trash de Arakain

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  • Artiste: Arakain44928
  • Chanson: Thrash The Trash
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Textes et Paroles de Thrash The Trash

I am I, I hate all kinds of resignation
listening to your complaints
doesn't bother me

We are we
often called lost generation
metal fans
we feel our life is running fast

I am I, I hate pop and I hate disco
stupid styles for empty heads
they don't bother me

We are we
so come on and yell on this tone
kids of the world
uninterested in all the past

Slop the pain in our veins
bleed the world and turn around
The same refrain - be free again
you're seeking words that can't be found

Daddies said that we'd been bad
forgetting times of rock'n'roll
Dan't be sad, try wings to spread
and live your life out of control

Thrash the trash ...

I am I, I hate all kinds of resignation ...

Thrash the trash

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