Paroles What's Your Pleasure de Armored Saint

Armored Saint
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  • Chanson: What's Your Pleasure
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Textes et Paroles de What's Your Pleasure

Come here and bend over
Torturing I like
I'm picking candy from a window store
And want to eat everything in sight
It's so nourishing
Every move is exciting
All there for the take tonight

Come near I bet you wonder
If I'm a callous man
Execution by the numbers
Unable to withstand
Do you feel yourself breaking sweat
Light head, short of breath
Watch me cry them tears of joy

I got some news for you
All the pain you'll feel is due

So tell me
What's your pleasure - oh the pleasure's mine
What's your pleasure - running down your spine
What's your pleasure - oh about to lose your
Mind, mind

Don't sigh it ain't over
I got a second wind
Your gonna sink further
Struggle for oxygen
It's so nourishing, every move is exciting
Hold on for the final ride of your life

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