Paroles Dystopia de Armsbendback

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  • Artiste: Armsbendback5498
  • Chanson: Dystopia
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Textes et Paroles de Dystopia

I never knew how far I'd go for you
Mixed thoughts and fears my curiosity builds
From time to time I sit and think about you
Blood on my mind I never felt so weird
You said that I could never change well I know now
There's reasons why I have to stay well I know now
The time is right to set the mood tonight
I feel there is nothing left for me to say
There's just the sound of my soul calling to you
We'll dim the lights we'll hide away tonight
You said that I could never change well I know now
There's reasons why I have to stay well I know now
Yeah well I know this will all end someday
Yeah I know that this is all gonna end someday
So why should I be searching for something beautiful it's just temporary

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