Paroles Juliet de Army Of Freshmen

Army Of Freshmen
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  • Chanson: Juliet
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Textes et Paroles de Juliet

She's an angel in the hallway, in the stands, and at the mall.
I see her everywhere I go, she don't see me at all.
I serenade her cell phone but I never hit send.
I'd ask for some advice, but I don't have any friends.
I am the one on IM with the 37 names.
Tonight its Captain Elvis. Lately he's been on his game.
I'm taking up karate and I'm saving for a tat.
'Cause anyone who's anyone knows girls are into that.


She's the picture of perfection, I'm a legend in my mind.
They say that only fools rush in. Well, I'm the first in line.
I'm working on my battle plan and wishing on a star
But I doubt that she'd go out with me 'cause I don't have a car
That I can drive around in circles.
Does she love me, does she not?
Either way it doesn't matter 'cause I'm giving it a shot.
It's not like if she shoots me down, it's headline breaking news
'Cause I may be a loser, but I don't have much to lose.

Wide-eyed, tongue-tied, drama like Shakespeare.

[Chorus x2]

I know who she is, and I know who I'm not
And I know what it takes and it's not what I got.
But if you start from the heart and you end with a smile,
Miracles happen every once and while.

She's so cold, freezing like disco,
Outlook is so-so.


Wide-eyed, tongue-tied, drama like Shakespeare

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