Paroles Admission: Regret de As Cities Burn

As Cities Burn
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  • Artiste: As Cities Burn12922
  • Chanson: Admission: Regret
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Textes et Paroles de Admission: Regret

So I hear there's a whole world out there
But I've grown to love this bed too much to leave it
If love really drives out fear
Then I pray it's her voice I've been hearing outside my door

One more time, love, won't you come remind me
I'm someone believed in
I'm someone still within your reach
'cause all I've got is sleep
Against my fear of being swept away
By the wind, the undertow, and thought


So I hear there's a whole world out there
But I've grown to love this bed too much to leave it
I keep hearing about this world out there
Come untie me from this bed
Come untie me from the wicked things I love

Awake! awake in the company of men given something to say
Give me a servant's heart and a tongue to obey
Awake! come wind
Awake! come thought
Tired head, take up your mat,
Take your mat and walk

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