Paroles At Least I Tasted Love de As Fast As

As Fast As
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  • Artiste: As Fast As7789
  • Chanson: At Least I Tasted Love
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Textes et Paroles de At Least I Tasted Love

One good kiss deserves another
fix my hair and wash my hands
vanity meets common sense
never got to know your mother
I suppose that had I tried
I'd be pleasantly surprised
and I would be a better man
nothing great but everything I am

flying fists just call for cover
don't let your pretty face take the heat
it's best avoided on your feet
why try keeping up with the Joneses?
they make more money than you can
and having things won't buy you friends
and I could be a better man
nothing great but everything I am

I'm a grown man
and I'm to blame
I pull my head up from the sand
and the world takes aim
but hey, at least I tasted love
if even only once
at least I tasted love

business people bearing flowers
suck you dry and leave you dead
now paranoid with fucked up heads
won't be a corporate sucker
I wear my heart on my sleeve
you can stay or you can leave
cuz I've become a better man
nothing great but everything I am


at least I tasted love

a casualty of a useless war
in a back no-name
a fool with a lousy poker face
just lost the game

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