Paroles Wasted Youth de As Fast As

As Fast As
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  • Artiste: As Fast As7789
  • Chanson: Wasted Youth
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Textes et Paroles de Wasted Youth

Can you tell me the truth
it's what you wanted to do
blame it on my wasted youth
it's what you wanted to do

I've licked the garbage queen divine
now I'm gonna watch it turn
you kicked the habit and you're fine
now show me what you've learned
you cut your hair and so did I
you're a fox and I'm a fern
I'm so happy now that I'll
watch it burn, watch it burn

big truck, sharp knife
fast car, a hot wife
long legs, big heist
high heels, short life
red brick, cold steel
big dick, oatmeal
cold cash, concrete
insert, repeat


I stuck a magnet in your eye
now you're fucked like Laura Dern
I never lived before I died
so show me some concern
I should've quit before I tried
now my belly's full of worms
I'm so happy now that I'll
watch it burn, watch it burn


insert, repeat (x4)


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