Paroles Junk Food de Assassin (Metal)

Assassin (Metal)
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  • Artiste: Assassin (Metal)5432
  • Chanson: Junk Food
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Textes et Paroles de Junk Food

Hey man I gotta tell you a story
listen man what I go to say
It took place here in a sunny afternoon
and there was nothing to do
We were all very hungry and had nothing to eat
so we started to search for food
some time later we found a deli-store
but this wasn't what we wanted
Junk Food is the only exception
Junk Food is the rule over everything
Junk Food and some chocolate ice-cream
Junk Food is that what we want
We skated downhill on the sidewalks of mainstreet
And finally we found the right store
As we came very close to the great holy place
We begun to see our faves
Oreo - the chocolate sandwich
Chocomel - number one drink of Holland
Kit Kat - the British waffelsnack
Bazooka - the best chewing gum

If you're hungry and have no idea what to eat
The only answer is: Junk Food that is what we want

In the store were five cute looking girlies
And we asked them for the best teeth killer
They were not interested in answering our questions
'cause sex was on their minds
We were thinking now if we should take off with them
We said no to this great offer
The girls were surprised and asked for an explanation
I said Junk Food is what we want
M&M's - the chocolate candies
Raider - the double snack
31 - the USA ice - cream


At five o'clock after the great delicious meal
We met at the rehearsal room
Suddenly the door went open
And the five girls came with more stuff
Oreos - for Mr.Cash
M&M's for Psycho II ant Mr.T
Chocomel for Mr.Hoo P
Milky Way for Mr.Space Man

[Chorus ]

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