Paroles All Degenerates de Asyndess

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  • Artiste: Asyndess21030
  • Chanson: All Degenerates
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Textes et Paroles de All Degenerates

You're a manyou mix, confuse climates, elements and seasonsyour disrupted landsturned all upside downYour activity is harmful and defaces the earthwhich reserves us a bleak fateYou destroyyour native land and your friendsyou love deformityyou want nothing just as nature has made ityou waste it, burn it or breathe itbut you'll never replace the past!The malediction has touched the planetsince the man's appearance while allAll is good but all deterioratesAll is beautiful but all degenerates(between human hands...)All is good getting awayfrom the hands of the thing creatorAll is beautiful emanating from nature!All was good but all degeneratesAll was beautiful now all degenerates

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