Paroles Une Etoile Disparait de Asyndess

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  • Artiste: Asyndess21030
  • Chanson: Une Etoile Disparait
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Textes et Paroles de Une Etoile Disparait

After the miraculous birthby the lighting of the flame(darkness became less total)We could guess a favourable wind(which always blew embers to further and nicer horizons)(And the flame oddly flickeredlike an invisibleand growing unease)Around the candlewhich decreased men foughtwith an outburst of savagerywhich made the flame more delicate(believing it immortalthey continued their fatal fight)and the flame faded awaylike an irreversible death over lifeWhen a failed but invincible offspringthoughtlessly destroyed the light of its awakeningthis led to the passingfrom tops to depths!A star disappearsA star disappears in the dark I see a flame fading

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