Paroles Ben Lee de Ataris

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  • Artiste: Ataris4606
  • Chanson: Ben Lee
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Textes et Paroles de Ben Lee

I never met someone so jaded
your music's really over rated
nothing but a lot of pretentious noise
I know that claire danes is your chick
to me you're just some ugly prick who got lucky
cause he knew the Beastie Boys
and I cant stand it

a lot goes on but nothing happens
but this time that's not true
i wrote this song for you
to tell you that your 15 minutes of fame are almost up
yea one more thing, Ben Lee you suck

Bob Dylan must be kinda pissed
cause you've been writing all his hits
packaged and reprocessed for the world
I'd love to kick you in the face
break your legs and throw you from a train
cause you're such a fucking girl
and I cant stand it

I guess this song's come to an end
I'll say good bye until we meet again
you better stay out of my town
cause if i had way
I'd call up snoop, ice cube, and dr. dre
we'd come and beat you down

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