Paroles Oh Kansas City de Ataris

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  • Artiste: Ataris4606
  • Chanson: Oh Kansas City
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Textes et Paroles de Oh Kansas City

Awkward smiles and drunk confessions
Neon lights and soundtracks for these whiskey nights
Here with you
How the hell did we end up here
Feel like I've known you my entire life
Maybe I did

Oh Kansas City
Won't you stay with me tonight
Let me feel the dim lights shine
A little longer
This moment feels so right
God, never let it end
If I'm dreaming
Please don't wake me when you're gone

Photographs and old guitars
Cross the river beneath the stars
If it's over, tell me
I'll sing you sad songs
Close my eyes and sing along
Neighbors beating on the walls beside us
We both laugh out loud

Oh East St. Louis
Won't be with me tonight
Will you still be around the morning after
Girl, don't you worry
I ain't ever letting go
This is perfect
This is perfect
So damn perfect

Probably shouldn't be here tonight
Being wrong never felt so Goddamn right
Never felt so right

Oh Emily
Please don't leave these arms of mine
This feels so innocent and so pure
Sweet little angel
Won't you burn me with your light
This little bird
He burns for you tonight

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