Paroles Beer Bong de Atrophy

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  • Artiste: Atrophy8251
  • Chanson: Beer Bong
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Textes et Paroles de Beer Bong

[Music: Chris Lykins]
[Lyrics: David Lehman]

Beer bong - suck it down
Beer bong - don't do it wrong
Beer bong - don't take too long
or else you'll drown
Beer bong - gulp it down
Beer bong - if you can
Beer bong - make it vanish
if you're a man

Dutch Treat
Black Label

Beer bong - it's very clear
Beer bong - you must be daring
Beer bong - or else the beer
you'll be wearing
Beer bong - and tomorrow
Beer bong - when I wake
Beer bong - to my sorrow
my head will ache

Meister Brau
Grain Belt

[Solo: Rick]

Old Milwaukee

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