Paroles Halogen Ambush de Attack In Black

Attack In Black
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  • Artiste: Attack In Black10902
  • Chanson: Halogen Ambush
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Textes et Paroles de Halogen Ambush

We live our lives so proud of nothing
Nothing like the stillness in the air
We're losing everything we've worked for
And soon there will be nothing left to share
Do we still care?


Cut them out before they setle down
So we have the will to make a change for the better
Their cruisade has spread through every town
Do we have a thing to call our own
This is our home

Our labour soon becomes their profits
We let them in and now we can't get out
One soul is lost with every clock tick
It's time to take a stand cause this won't end until we join and shout to get them out

(chorus) x2

Take em down before they do it again
What was ours has all been taken
They are striking hard and they refuse to amend
All the lies they used to fake it

Take em down before they do it again
What was ours has all been taken

They do it again
They'll do it again
They'll do it again

(Thanks to Anthony for these lyrics)

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