Paroles Suicide Bridge de Atticus

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  • Artiste: Atticus21087
  • Chanson: Suicide Bridge
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Textes et Paroles de Suicide Bridge

I believe there's too much we have found
To be walking on wire
Painted pictures of you in my heart
Covered with blood and fire
In my dreams you were commiting suicide
I woke up drenched in tears
You say love is a two way track
Well don't fear the trains that you can't hear

Somehow we'll make it back to the place where we jumped track
And all the roads that lead the way are twisted
So many things that I didn't say, so many nights that I couldn't say,
Catch the falling wires that weren't even twisted

As I sit here in my grave of thoughts
I am tempted to leave
But somewhere out there is my empty world
Telling me to cut the wires while you can still breathe-I'm bleeding
In my dreams I remember you and me
Askin' who was gonna jump first
Well take a deep breath, don't believe in anything
Cause there's no way out that's not gonna hurt

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