Paroles Summer de Atticus

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  • Artiste: Atticus21087
  • Chanson: Summer
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Textes et Paroles de Summer

When I awaken from the night
She's the first sight to reach my eyes
And when I lay down all sore from flight
She stays with me all through the night

She's only human and she cries
I wipe her softened, tear-stained eyes
She's never been to heaven,
She don't even think it's there
But she's everything to me
When life gets hard and I lose my pride
She's always on my side
And when words between family fail
Her love helps me prevail
She's my everything

When she laughs, I cry, and she's often wondered why
I smile and sigh, she's my summertime
And in the winter fires burn, whenever she's around
And in the darkness, she is light
Flying high, a burning kite
And in the scorching heat, she is rain
Cool me off and ease my pain
When she cries, I die
And it's no wonder at all, she's by my side
She is my only sunshine
And in the winter fires burn, whenever she's around

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