Paroles Maybe de Auburn

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  • Artiste: Auburn41592
  • Chanson: Maybe
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Textes et Paroles de Maybe

I never thought that I would be the one to tell
Bout how i changed my life after all the times I failed
I am thankful things have changed
No day remains the same
And Lord I'm so grateful

When I was out in the world
I was that girl
Who only did for herself
It was plain to see that I believed
I didn't need nobody else
Now that I'm saved
I'm here today to lift my hands and say
I couldn't make it on my own
I had to stay stand strong and believe

Maybe one maybe one maybe some day
He will come he will come take my pain away (2x)

I see you're hurting
And that you're filled with pain
But child don't worry the sun will shine after the rain
He died for you and me
Yet still you're unhappy
Learn to be grateful

He can't figure out
What life's about
Because Christ aint in your life
And turn away
Cuz then today
There's a way to make it right
Just believe and you will see
You can live eternally
But you can't make it on your own
You gotta pray and stand strong

Chorus 4x

Maybe one maybe one maybe some day
He will come he will come take my pain away

(Thanks to Angelica for these lyrics)

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