Paroles Time Travel: The Metallica Conspiracy de Austrian Death Machine

Austrian Death Machine
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  • Artiste: Austrian Death Machine33580
  • Chanson: Time Travel: The Metallica Conspiracy
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Textes et Paroles de Time Travel: The Metallica Conspiracy

(Arnold Impersonator)

Everybody chill! haha!
That is funny, that is totally funny
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, so listen I noticed a huge conspiracy in the music world
That metallica actually wrote this 10 years before Batman and Robin
And somehow they totally knew all the great dialogue
Ya know
The Iceman Cometh! Haha!
What?! Shut up!
Everybody chill!
That's my favorite one
Did you know that movie was written by penguins?
Yeah! What?
Oh shut up you idiot!

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