Paroles Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due de Autumns Regret, The

Autumns Regret, The
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  • Chanson: Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due
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Textes et Paroles de Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due

I feel the waves crashing against my ship,
telling me that that this is the end.

so here i'm breathing now
give credit, where credit is due.
without a word to say
i'm breathing arguments,
keeping me aware.
man overboard,
there's no place for you to move on.
there's no place for you to live,
life is hard enough as it is. taking on,
because what's left alive is still inside.
living on is the only thing we can do
the air has been cancelled in our lungs.
standing here at the edge of this song.
the fears of ourselves,
we're driven by the fear.

so here i'm breathing now,
give credit, where credit is due
all of us just want to live,
we thrive until we end.
there's no end for us,
because we're reaching for the top.
you watched me fall,
but i'll be standing tall,
there's nothing but disaster.

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