Paroles Goodbye Citylights de Autumns Regret, The

Autumns Regret, The
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  • Artiste: Autumns Regret, The41422
  • Chanson: Goodbye Citylights
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Textes et Paroles de Goodbye Citylights

so sad, we've been running after hours
i can't keep my head up
we've been running into the industry
infected by the chemistry
to feel, to feel these charms around your neck
feel what's wrong, what's right
can't detect what's going on
in my head

feel, feel and here we sing
feel, my change.

i'm caught in your cage
yeah, i'm speechless
i'm heaven's sent
god is my witness
you can't oppress the way
i think about you
i'm looking through you

our words are poising and the air is thick
so i'm breathin' through your lies
this time i will stretch these chains again
when will we sing the songs of our burden

so sad, we are left to breathe on our own
escaping the undertow.
can we be left to breathe on our own?
escaping the god of ours.

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