Paroles A Story Of.. de Avengers

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  • Artiste: Avengers21191
  • Chanson: A Story Of..
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Textes et Paroles de A Story Of..

Strophe 1

They try to keep you small - afraid of loosing their control
(you can't be, no you can't be)

But your will is getting strong - inside you feel the overcome
(you can be, yes you can be if you...)

Strophe 2

They watch the moves you make - waiting for your big mistake
(you can't be, no you can't be)

but there is no turning back - once you ever made this step
(you can be, yes you can be if you...)


Don't let them tell you lies
please open up your eyes
don't let them tell you
all that they want to


If you open your eyes
you will realize
they told you only lies
and all that they desire

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