Paroles We Have More Sense Than Lies de Avengers

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  • Artiste: Avengers21191
  • Chanson: We Have More Sense Than Lies
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Textes et Paroles de We Have More Sense Than Lies

And lately, well I've been feeling down. It's like there's no more room for a hopeful sound. I need to believe in something new. To believe in me like I believe in you. We've had our hands held much
too tight. We've been more wrong than we've ever been right. Can't place our hopes on a hanging chad. We need much more than just one punk rock band. Clenched fists and blackened eyes. Break wide open our heads and fix our broken minds. We're crossing fingers and we hope for the best. We've lost our anger. We've been suppressed. And we can't just hold our breath. Sit back and sing along. Pretend that it's all okay when we know we're wrong. And this is not a call to arms. Just a hope that we might try. To use our heads and open eyes. We have more sense than lies. We have more sense than lies. And nothing changes if we don't change ourselves. Bombs burst my trust away. Red glares and empty stares. We need something to say. We need to start to care. And we can't just hold our breath. Sit back and sing along. Pretend that it's all okay. When we know we're wrong. We must change. Ourselves

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