Paroles Dictator de Averman

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  • Artiste: Averman39714
  • Chanson: Dictator
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Textes et Paroles de Dictator

Sometimes when I pay extra attention
I realize that everything that I once loved
Is now everything that drives me crazy.
I'm sure I'll see it one day, maybe.
They took this place and burnt it to the ground.
The cool kids all moved on, and I'm half way there.
The cool kids all moved on, and I'm getting scared.
Destroying everything and you're making a huge mess.
Your shitty attitude is gonna push us to the test.
So stand up with us and send these kids back to the fucking mall.
If you care at all.
The cool kids all moved on, and I'm halfway there.
The cool kids all moved on, and I'm getting scared.
You faked your way through this, and you've ruined all our fun.
and now what have we become?
Disgraced it, abused it, but am I the only one who misses where were from?
It's fucking dead. It ran away some time ago, so I'll go

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