Paroles Beside The Yellow Line de Avett Brothers (The)

Avett Brothers (The)
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  • Artiste: Avett Brothers (The)21210
  • Chanson: Beside The Yellow Line
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Textes et Paroles de Beside The Yellow Line

In time, won't be long
Until we meet again
Except we'll just be friends
My God, yeah I know
That's just the way it goes
Out here on the road
Beside the yellow line

'Bout five years ago,
I came about this way
But I doubt they'll know my face
The land hasn't changed
The stars still pierce the black
And I'm glad that I came back
Beside the yellow line

The mind of a girl,
It's hard to understand
But I guess 'cause I'm a man
Her heart fears are unknown
Until I am gone
Gotta leave her all alone
Beside the yellow line

And the call of the road,
Unlike the railroad tracks
Unlike the airplane's path
Her voice floats through the land
And it takes me by the hand
So once again I stand
Beside the yellow line

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