Paroles Pretty Girl From Raleigh de Avett Brothers (The)

Avett Brothers (The)
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  • Artiste: Avett Brothers (The)21210
  • Chanson: Pretty Girl From Raleigh
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Textes et Paroles de Pretty Girl From Raleigh

Who sold you this anger
I suspect it was your friends
Or was it a stranger
Convincing you that this was the end

And I would like to thank you
For coming round and doing this
My nights have been pretty painful
Losing that pain was always the trick

You always said that I was lying
That I was just a selfish man
But I all ready gave it all away
So you can let go of my selfish hand

So bye bye bye bye bye
I ain't got time to watch you cry
Cause I've been drinking seven hours now
Sympathy is a waste of my high

And I would like to say it hurts me (but it don't)
That I don't know just what to do (but I do)
But it don't hurt when you're just killing time
I was killing time and I think that you knew

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