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  • Chanson: Dry Your Eye
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Textes et Paroles de Dry Your Eye

Girl theirs somthing thats telling me
that your in need of company
and u need it now
so im willing to comfort you
for all, all the pain that ur going through
so baby dont

(Girl dont cry)
Baby dont cry
(Dry ur eyes)
U Dont have to be, be alone
(I'll Be their for you)
Girl dont cry (girl dont cry)
Dry ur eyes (Dry ur eyes)
If theirs anything that you need
Come Get it from me

And everyday that passes by, darling i cry
For every tear that draws from ur eyes
so baby dont baby dont
dont you worry cause I'll be here
Dont fear my dear i'll wash away ur every tear
oh baby, baby, girl dont cry

(Girl dont cry)
Dry Ur Eyes
(Dry ur eyes)
My Baby u dont have to be, be alone
(I'll Be their for you)
Girl (girl dont cry)
Cry (Dry ur eyes)
If theirs anything that you need baby
Come Get it, get it, get it from me girl

Girl call me
if ur ever feeling down
i said call me
if you need a real man around
if your ever in need of a man with senseitivity
call baby its driving me crazy
to see you cry, girl dry ur eyes
cry never another minute i took a chance,
put you by for a one nite stand of romance
my loves the hand see with me is where you outta be
girl cant you see i wanna get with you
gotta get with you, feelin to be with you can you feel me
yea i feel you baby

[Bryan, Dustin, Patrick:]
Well I'll be their for you baby (You can come get it from me)
Im always here for you baby (You can get it from me)
Dont have to fear nothing baby (You can come get it from me)
Take away ur tears little lady (Get it, Get it, Get it from me baby)
Girl Dont Cry (Oh my Baby dont you cry)
Dry Ur Eyes, Girl Dont Cry (My Sweet baby Dry Ur Eyes)
Get It, Get it, Get It from me baby

Girl (girl dont cry)
Dont you cry (Dry Ur Eyes)
Baby dry the tears from your eyes
(you dont have to be alone, I'll be their for you)
Girl dont Cry (Girl dont Cry)
Dry ur eyes (Dry ur eyes)
If theirs anything that you need baby
(come get it) You can come get it from me baby
(Girl dont cry) oooohhhh(Dry ur Eyes)
You dont have to be, be alone i'll be their for you baby
girl dont you cry, I'll dry your eyes

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