Paroles Baby's Mama de Babyface

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  • Artiste: Babyface2867
  • Chanson: Baby's Mama
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Textes et Paroles de Baby's Mama

(feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Snoop Dogg:]
New American
How ya love dat'
Off the hizzle frashizzle dizzle
Get it to me Baby fizzle

(chech it check it check it)

Girl you got your busines in the street
Claimin' that your sh*t is weak
Been six months since you've been gone
How come you ain't called
When you don't feel love no more
You got no right to close the door
You loved her once
And she's got proof
Baby boy looks just like you

Yo' get her love and much respect
Even if she's got man
(Ghetto) Player you must understand
That's you baby's momma
Don't be late payin' your bills
It takes two to make a kid
When the hell you gon' understand
That's you baby's momma

[Snoop's hook:]
Tell the baby goodbye (baby goodbye)
'Cause you don't wanna be by (wanna be by)
The way you (they way you
Girl you know you livin' a lie (livin' a lie)

I heard you got a chick on the side
I hope you got it right this time
Heard she got inside your mind
Hatin' on your family ties
She's got no right to dawg her out
That is the mother of your child
You loved her once and that's the truth
Baby boy looks just like you


[Snoop Rapp:]
You say you don't love her
You push her and you shove her
That's your first son's mother
Word to mother
If it's that bad
Then go and get another
She kicked ya to the curb
And now you're livin' in the gutta
That child suppote (support)
Is tearin' you butt up
Nut up, cut up
And act a fool
Raisin' hell at the daycare school
They threw you in jail
For not payin' you dues
You couldn't even buy yo son dem new coby(?) shoes
Alotta fools say they do but they don't
I know you're mad
You got to hate boo
Gon' wait it through
Let's see what he gon' do
He might, better yet better
The court wrote a letter
To be real wich you
You gotta kid wich you
So one to one
Man to man
He got to deal wich you

How you gonna act when you (shit is stong?)
When you don't even claim your own
How can you even sleep
When you know you're wrong
Wake up wake up wake up wake up
How you gonna act when you family's gone
'Cause they tired of the sh*t you do (all the sh*t you do)
How you gonna feel when you can't go home
'Cause there ain't nobody there for you


[Snoop's hook]

That's your baby's momma uh

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