Paroles Lover And Friend de Babyface

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  • Artiste: Babyface2867
  • Chanson: Lover And Friend
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Textes et Paroles de Lover And Friend

Everyday my thoughts of you
Get more and more intense
I get closer to the truth
I'm that much more convinced
That you and I were mean to be
No what or ifs involved
As long as you got love for me
Our problems will be solved

So do you love him? no
Do you think of me? yea,yea yea
You don't want him? no
Cause you'd rather be with me
After all the shit he put you through
Why wouldn't you want to leave
Girl, I got mad love for you
Why can't you be with me

I'll be your lover
I'll be your friend
I'll be your one true confidant
I'll be the smile on your face
When we make love and consummate
I'll be the one good lover that won't let you down
I'm not afraid
Afraid to love,afraid to trust
Or just communicate
I'll be your partner
I'll be your man
I'll be the kind that understands
That you got wants
And you got needs
And I got s'ponsabilities
I'll be the one good lover that's down for you
I am not afraid
Afraid to share,afraid to give or, just communicate

Everyday he lies to you
Bout things that he won't say
From simple things like denying you
From asking about this day
It brothersme to think that he
Be playing you that way
You deserve much more,this I'm sure
So send him on his way

Cause you don't love him? no
You always think of me? yea,yea,yea
You don't want him? no
Cause you'd rathes be with me
After all the shit he put you though
It's true for you to leave
Girl,I've got mad love for you
You're supposed to be with me


[Ad lib]


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