Paroles Three Time Loser de Badfinger

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  • Artiste: Badfinger18789
  • Chanson: Three Time Loser
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Textes et Paroles de Three Time Loser

It's a terrible thing to lose
All the time you've had and never used
Sometimes you wanna hide
And sometimes you wanna light the fuse

And you know just where you stand
But it's hard to make the plan
When all that you do is wrong
And no one to find a song to play

Three time loser
White line user
Mr. Groover
Where's it end?

And there's nothing that you can say
You can make it most any day
And if you try very hard
You know you might find a yard or two


[keyboard solo (Tony Kaye)]

Sometimes you wanna hide
Sometimes you wanna light the fuse

Three time loser
White line user
Three time loser
White line user (ultimate user)
Three time loser (big street cruiser)
White line user (go little Hoover)
Three time loser (Mr. Humor)
White line user (ooh, city slicker)
Three time loser (cherry picker)
White line user (Mr. "gives a damn")
Three time loser (you're a married man)
White line user (money money money money money money money broker)
Three Time Loser...

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