Paroles Timeless de Badfinger

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  • Artiste: Badfinger18789
  • Chanson: Timeless
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Textes et Paroles de Timeless

We are yesterday, we are today
We are tomorrow, we are timeless
We are then, we are now
We are the future, we are timeless

We are the sorrow, we are the pain
We are the sunshine, we are rain
We are love, we are hate
We are the future, we are timeless

Whatever we see, wherever we go
Shows perfectly clear how little we know

[guitar solo (Pete Ham)]

How can we look and not even see?
How can we live and not even be free?

We are the comfort, we are the shame
We are forgiveness, we are blame
We are kind, we are kill
Are we the future?

Are we timeless (are we timeless, are we)?
Are we timeless (are we timeless, are we)?
Are we timeless (are we timeless, are we)?

(Are we timeless, are we)?
Are we timeless (are we timeless, are we)?
(Are we timeless, are we)?

[extended guitar solo (Pete Ham)].

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