Paroles I Can't Let You Go de Bananarama

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  • Artiste: Bananarama3362
  • Chanson: I Can't Let You Go
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Textes et Paroles de I Can't Let You Go

Feels like I've been sleeping
For a thousand years
Secrets I've been keeping
Fill an ocean with tears

(bridge 1)
But I've found the answer
To what I'm searching for
'Cos I felt so empty
Until you touched my soul

I can't let you go
Now that you're mine
I can't let you go
I want you for all time

Filled with such confusion
I was losing my mind
Fell for love's illusion
Time after time

(bridge 2)
Any my life without you
Sends a chill right through my heart
But you made love easy
From the start

(chorus x 2)

(bridge 1)

(chorus x 2)

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