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Band (The)
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  • Artiste: Band (The)21429
  • Chanson: Forbidden Fruit
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Textes et Paroles de Forbidden Fruit

High and lonesome out on Times Square
Haven't got a dime, ain't got a prayer
Deliver us, Lord, from this golden calf
People only want what they cannot have

Forbidden fruit
That's the fruit that you'd better not taste
Forbidden fruit
You've got one life that you'd better not waste

How can I walk with this ball and chain?
How can I land in this hurricane?
Or is this part of man's evolution
To be torn between truth and illusion?
Forbidden fruit
That's the route that you'd better not take
Forbidden fruit
Just watch out for the sign of the snake

Little brother got caught in the web
He ran off to join the living dead
Been through the mill, seen the cross on the hill
He sold his soul just for a thrill
Forbidden fruit
In hot pursuit out on a limb
Forbidden fruit
Your whole world is closing in

You got the picture but missed the drift
About me workin' the graveyard shift
I never went in for no burglary
But there's a stranger inside of me
Forbidden fruit
Don't you shoot the whole works away
Forbidden fruit
It's too high of a price to pay

How can you hear with a bad connection?
You can't see when there's no reception
Keep your distance, don't fool with taboo
'Cause it'll overtake and undertake you
Forbidden fruit
That's the fruit that you'd better not taste
Forbidden fruit
You've got one life that you'd better not waste

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