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Band (The)
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  • Chanson: Thinking Out Loud
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Textes et Paroles de Thinking Out Loud

I was thinkin' out loud
Talking to myself
I was up on a cloud
There was nobody else
No, no I did not call
I never was allowed
To speak up at all
I was just thinkin' out loud

Transylvania train, circus never came
The heroes are all gone
No trampoline, fell without a scream
Who's looking for a job

Before I realized, I was hypnotized
Flashback to the past
Cross-eyed jack, monkey on his back
We knew it would not last

Room service gone off duty
The bellman has retired
This hotel is a beauty
Even the house dick's been fired
Then the sky came crashing down
And knocked me off this cloud
When I fell to the ground
I was just thinkin' out loud

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