Paroles IN MY LIFE de Barclay James Harvest

Barclay James Harvest
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  • Chanson: IN MY LIFE
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Textes et Paroles de IN MY LIFE

In my life I have seen so many things
Some were true and some were not what they seemed
In my life I've seen love and I've seen loss
There've been times when I did not count the cost
I have been to a place where chaos rules
In the caves of the talking stoned the fools
Seen the stars plant their seeds and watch them grow
Just to keep mister reap but never sow

In my life I've seen greed and I've seen hate
Seen the first to accuse the last to praise
Tried so hard to find just one saving grace

But I was young did not know
Grace is for God
Greed is to know
Mister middle of the road
Reaps what you sow

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