Paroles Harmony de Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow
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  • Artiste: Barry Manilow3348
  • Chanson: Harmony
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Textes et Paroles de Harmony

Unforgettable harmony
First there was harmony
And there was rhyme
This was our time

Did we have harmony
And that's just about all we had!
A little harmony
And the poverty's not so bad
Thin, we were
Poor as sin in berlin, we were!
Patches on our pants
Mercif'lly, when you're in harmony
You're in a trance
Others went marching
Not us, we'd dance

No one in grodnogubernia
Ever learned to dance like this!

(Believe it or not I was a rabbi before all this started!
In grodnogubernia yet!)

If you're in grodnogubernia
Tell em', this you shouldn't miss!

All arm in arm were we
Well, except when the punches flew
Squabbles, sure
But squabbles don't endure
When there's harmony in the brew
Then did we
Oh, so splendidly blend, did we
Like a spell had come
It was clear
My pals and I could hear
A different drum
Outside they hollered!
But we had…harmony!

In this joint
All encounters with counterpoint
End in harmony
And it's clear
No man's a solo here
Not even me
No solo mio!

No we've got harmony!
When we've got harmony
Then just maybe we've got a chance
Harmony, the best is harmony!
And the rest is a song and dance!

Where you find
You're in harmony
There you find
Shelter in a storm
Every note
A button on the coat
That keeps you warm
Stars have the heavens
But we've got harmony!
Troubles disappear
And what you feel is what you hear
Not what you see!
Yes, first there was

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