Paroles If You Were Here With Me Tonight de Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow
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  • Artiste: Barry Manilow3348
  • Chanson: If You Were Here With Me Tonight
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Textes et Paroles de If You Were Here With Me Tonight

Sometimes late at night
When the shadows made by street lamps
Cast a darkened silver light
You'll drift into my mind
Reminding me of all I've lost
And all I've yet to find

So many things I know I should have told you
Now what I wouldn't give if I could hold you

If you were here with me tonight
This time I'd never let it end
We'd find those feelings we once had
And feel them all again
We'd make love stronger than before
And give each other even more
And finally find a way to make it right
If you were here with me tonight
Here with me tonight

Somehow now I see
How time can soften
Even the most painful memory
Now what we had is gone
And the sooner I believe in that
The sooner I'll go on

But love like ours comes just once in a lifetime
So I tell myself it just wasn't the right time


Tonight the minutes seem like hours
How long before the light of day
Helps to chase these thoughts away

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