Paroles Never Met A Man I Didn't Like de Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow
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  • Chanson: Never Met A Man I Didn't Like
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Textes et Paroles de Never Met A Man I Didn't Like

Never met a man I didn't like
High fullutent chant or bowery bum
yes, I've come a long way
down the pike
never met a man I didn't like
never shook a hand I didn't like
Royal Prince of Wales or working Joe
though I know life's one long rocky hike
never met a man I didn't like
in all of my wonderin'
I've bumped into all kinds of people
fancy cinema stars, false avangelist
politicians, morgutitions
and I have reached the conclusion
while hiking the pike
though I try and I try
never once met a guy that I didn't like
I said I roam along a Nappa Valley
Shubert Alley, Ru de la Play
Oklahoma, Camalazo oh oh oh
and I have reached the conclusion
while hiking the pike
yes I'll say when I'm done
no I never met one that I didn't like
met the worst and met the best
somebody put me into the test
almost made me change my mind
yet somehow I always find
if you don't expect too much
there's a certain human touch
homosapiens have got other animals have not
try the shoes on that are his
feel what makes him what he is
what's it like inside his skin
living in the skin he's in
just like me a lump of sod
there what for the grace of God
that is a philosphy of this part time cherokee
present into king or Pat and Mike
folks can last but I can give up hope
spun my rope along way down the pike
never met a man I didn't like
high tone gent, bowery bum
Prince of Wales, working Joe
Pat and Mike
cherokee, philosphy
I never met a man I didn't like

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