Paroles She's A Star de Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow
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  • Chanson: She's A Star
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Textes et Paroles de She's A Star

It really doesn't matter
if she suffered all she claims.
You know she started somewhere
and she found her way to fame.
And feeding on the lonely crowd,
she finally belongs.
A Goddess by the microphone
she sings her troubled songs.

She's a star
No one can tell her anymore (She did it)
She'll ride as far As the road can go
And what it costs, she oughta know
She said she'd do it She's a star
(she did it)

They're hangin' on her music
as it fills the concert hall
And she's teasin' them with moments,
when you think she'll give it all
But she's holdin' back the total,
cause that 's how she works the spell
Yeah, she likes to leave 'em hungry,
yeah she loves to hear 'em yell!

And finally, the wild applause
that cleans her soul and saves
She's left with no companions
only enemies and slaves.
She's scared again the show was slow,
she felt it fall behind
Tomorrow night's already raising
riot in her mind.


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