Paroles Welcome Home de Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow
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  • Chanson: Welcome Home
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Textes et Paroles de Welcome Home

In my life
I have seen
far away places
wild and serene
but nothing I saw
prepared me for
the mat on the floor
saying "welcome home"

time flies
see the moon rise
as I'm makin' my way
through another long day<a href="">Testi Canzoni</a>
but I'll go
to a place I know
in my heart I know
there's just no place
like home

welcome home
welcome home
to that place
that's safe and warm
always a shelter
from the storm
I'm going home
welcome home
roll out the welcome mat
for me!
I'm goin' home

I remember
all the days I never knew
if I would ever make it through
but just when
I'd give up again
I'd remember when the days
were stormy
home was always
waitin' for me

welcome home
welcome home
where there will always be
a welcoming light on
just for me
when I go home
welcome home
no place
that I would rather be
than goin' home

in my heart I know
that someday when my time
is drawing near
I'm gonna hear

welcome home
welcome home
where there will always be
somebody waiting
there for me
when I go home
home sweet home
everyone's smilin' just for me
when I go home
In my heart I see
Somebody waiting
there for me

welcome home
welcome home
it looks like a
starlight symphony
I'm goin' home

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