Paroles Curse Of Life de Bartholomeus Night

Bartholomeus Night
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  • Artiste: Bartholomeus Night9257
  • Chanson: Curse Of Life
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Textes et Paroles de Curse Of Life

I embrace the silence...
I embrace the loneliness of my self...

Forever to room alone, in the shadows of night.
Forever doomed to suffer the sun, so bright.

The emotions I used to bare, long gone.
My soul weep, I am alone.

In a dream, it looks so different,
There I was flying high in the nightly sky.
Watching down to the land, which was mine.
But the dream turned to a nightmare,
As like every night before.

You appeared from the shadows.
Tempting me with your sweet voice,
Leading me into your deadly web.
Of which I can not take off!.

Forever "cursed" I am - cast down
From Eden's lands.
But a curse for you - bless for thee.
As I embrace my dark immortality!

I embrace the silence...
I embrace the loneliness of my self...
Alone I will wait your arrival.
Alone I wait-and forever I will stay.

Emotion that used to burn inside me - fades away!
The coldness of my self-warmth to
My crying souls!

Oh mighty lady of the night-enchant
Me to eternal sleepiness.
To return to my sweet dream-there I will
See you again.
There my soul will stop the tears - there
Again I will live.

I embrace the silence...
I embrace the loneliness of my self...
Till the end of days I will wait.
Then I will finally dream-but even
There will be only me.

Now it's time to say goodbye.
Time to leave it all behind. I see my
Path clear and bright.
Embrace me oh mighty father of the night....

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