Paroles Baseketball Radio Song de Baseketball

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  • Artiste: Baseketball21530
  • Chanson: Baseketball Radio Song
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Textes et Paroles de Baseketball Radio Song

Your life is spinning out of control
it seems the whole world is out to get you
eveything is wrong nothing seem right
there's a sinking feeling inside
even your best friend has turned his back
but you can't let it bring you down
no you've got to fight
cause you try but you can't let go
cause when you're down you've got to get up up
don't let them walk all over your face
stand up for yourself and make eveything right again
even if some guy is trying to blackmail you
and your girlfriend thinks you suck
its up to you to let them know that it was
all just part of some rich guys evil plan
look out ahead there is a truck changing lanes
lyou got some yellow crumbs on you upper lip
and those warts on you dick aren't gonna go away
unless you start using topical cream everyday

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