Paroles Gorrila Beat de Batmobile

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  • Artiste: Batmobile21545
  • Chanson: Gorrila Beat
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Textes et Paroles de Gorrila Beat

Way down in the jungles of Africa there was noting but the monkey treat
They slapped and kicked everybody around but they never ever heard of the Gorilla Beat

Gorilla, Gorilla Beat (2x)
Cause there was nothing else but the monkey treat
But there were three cool apes who had enough of the fighte and they started to clack their teeth
They stood straight up and they went wild over that crazy Gorilla Beat

It began when the cool cats clacked their teeth
They chopped down the big old pinetree hit it hard with a stick
They slapped the liana and grabbed a guitar and that's when they started the gorilla lick

Them crazy apes began to move their feet (2x)

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