Paroles Grab The Money And Run de Batmobile

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  • Artiste: Batmobile21545
  • Chanson: Grab The Money And Run
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Textes et Paroles de Grab The Money And Run

Well I don't care if you want to stay
And I don't care if you're going away
If you want something baby you alway get it done
Hear me what I say, grab the money and run
Grab the money and run... hear me what I say grab the money and run
If you stay too long I'll never let you go
I can do without you ᢀ˜cause you hurt me so
Like the North and South don't come close
Take that cash or you make me shout
Well the times we had together were to good to be true
Go away for I start lying to you
Grab the money and run
Well the days of joy have long since gone
I say farewell we've had our fun
Grab the money and run

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