Paroles Mystique Of The Beauty Queen de Beardfish

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  • Artiste: Beardfish21740
  • Chanson: Mystique Of The Beauty Queen
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Textes et Paroles de Mystique Of The Beauty Queen

Oh, what if I wont go to the show,
will they know that im not a princess like they thought,
just faked like a fursage.

I think I lost my glow,
but I know that the show,
will go on any way, no way.
This is my chance and Im not gonna fail!

This is the Mystique, Of the queen.
She is never in-between.
Old, good and bad.
Its the price you must pay to lead a life in glamour, champain all, night nothing, in her eyes,
but the mild and tempered.

Smiles when its polite, its a fright.
She can never lose her face.
All eyes are watching, they know of her grace.
Flash of a camera,
no reaction but the mild and tempered smile,
Monotonic style.

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